Remember when you could only have a protein bar when you want a clean snack?

That's pretty much where this started from, because we got so sick of protein bars making us fart that we made a snack for ourselves. By the way, d'you know why that happens? It's because low sugar protein bars use Polyols which are sugar alcohols. They make the bar taste nice but you can't digest Polyols. This creates gut bacteria and hence...

Why mix Biltong and nuts then? Well, nuts or Biltong on their own are pretty good as a snack, but it's just a perfect combination to the point where, once you've had them together, it feels boring to have either on their own. Hence this seemed a natural choice. And actually when coming up with a snack we wanted:

  1. A convenient size packet you can throw in your bag for work or the gym
  2. A decent amount of protein
  3. A bit of good fats, perhaps to give it that Keto edge
  4. The option of a sweet kick
  5. An actual real food that wasn’t compressed or processed or derived into something from something else

And we think we’ve delivered on all counts.

Does that mean these are the only snacks we’ll ever have? No of course not. We have a load of ideas for other snacks that fit well alongside these, but all in good time…