What exactly is Biltong?

Basically, just dried beef really. It's dead lean, has good protein content, tastes really nice, and works well with nuts.

Also, it doesn’t give you the explosive fart power of a protein bar. We’ve all been there.

What's the difference between Biltong and Beef jerky?

Beef jerky has a very slightly higher protein content per 100g because it's drier. Less moisture also trades off the taste, and on top of that we have Biltong with some nice flavouring. So there's your difference.

When did you launch?

The idea was conceived at the end of 2022, and we launched in Feb 2023. That's right, we don't mess about.

Why this kind of snack?

So many of us like snacking, or want to have a snack when we're running about and don't want to buy a bland chicken breast from the Supermarket or have a protein bar. We want something solid and satisfying that will last us till we can eat properly. Le Voila.

Why aren't the bags bigger?

Right now it's about establishing something convenient - that's our ethos: convenience and good nutrition and tasty. As we grow and people demand a bigger bag, hey why not eh?

What about roasting the nuts?

They're on the cards people 😉

Any plans for any other product lines?

Yes, but they are DOUBLE TOP secret. Can't have people stealing our ideas before we've even got off the ground can we?

Can we suggest stuff?

Of course you can. We're open to constructive criticism and we want to get better and just be a really great healthy snack provider.